Styles We Offer

Contemporary Lyrical

Lyrical dance is very similar to ballet, combining the many technical elements of classical ballet with the freedom, fluidity, expressiveness and airier aspects of jazz, contemporary and modern dance.Of utmost importance in lyrical dance is the connectivity of movement, flowing quite seamlessly from one move to the next
Contemporary dance tends to combine the strong and controlled legwork of ballet with modern dance’s stress on the torso, and also employs contract-release, floor work fall and recovery, and improvisation characteristic of modern dance
Unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed, and direction are often used, as well


Disco Dance is an energetic dance characterized by strong movements and fast impulses of the body.  The technique is to dance high on the balls of the feet throughout the routine.  Combining up-beat music and shiny colorful costumes gets you into the groove

Technique such as high kicks, jumps and various variations of arms together with acrobatic and gymnastic elements makes this style a high impact genre

Disco Dance keeps you fit while having loads of fun.

Hip Hop

Hip-Hop is a young and vibrant form of street dancing that has developed with rap, pop and hip-hop music genres.  This funky dance-art allows all ages to experiment with combining the latest fashion, music, moves and attitude.  Some of the styles of Hip-Hop we use are Krumping, lock and pop and break-dance. Examples of Hip-Hop can be seen in music videos and movies like ‘Honey’, ‘Step-up’ and ‘Stomp the yard’.

The music-video stars …

Modern Jazz

Modern dance is a vibrant and exciting dance form that uses different techniques like stretching, contractions, turns, isolation’s, jumps, leaps and progression floor work. The dancer uses combinations that are set to different music rhythms to express themselves through movement.
A modern twist to classical dance.


Tap dancing is a style using precise rhythmical patterns of foot movements and audible tapping.  Tap class develops and teaches awareness of beat, timing, rhythm and sound coordination skills. You will learn technique, rhythm and timing in combinations at the barre, center and across the floor. Combining the technique of tap dancing with nostalgic to modern styles.


Pre-School dance lessons are offered for children from the ages of 4 years.  Our pre-school program will gently introduce your little one to the world of dance.

This program will enhance their co-ordination, timing and muscle tone.

We start the program off with basic Modern and HipHop steps and later on introduce them to some Disco Dance as well.

By the time they reach the end of the program they will have been introduced to all the styles that we teach at Steptac’D and will have a firm understanding of each dance style.

These little dancers can express themselves within a fun, safe and caring environment!


If the gym is not for you then come join our fun and energetic DanceFit classes given at our Moot Studio